25 Delicious Puff Pastry Ideas and Recipes (2024)

Simply the BEST, most DELICIOUS puff pastry ideas and recipes all in one place. Includes recipes for breakfast, appetizers, and dessert!

If you’re looking for a delicious puff pastry recipe, these Cinnamon Puff Pastry Twists make the perfect snack for dessert and they’re quick and easy to make.

25 Delicious Puff Pastry Ideas and Recipes (1)

You guys, as someone who tries to eat gluten-free this one was torture to round-up, TORTURE! All those layers of soft, flaky puff pastry surrounding everything from Nutella to brie to pepperoni, and all I can do was dream. But with the holidays coming, I knew I had to take one for the team and gather the BEST, most DELICIOUS puff pastry ideas because you deserve them. Puff pastry is one of the easiest ways to create swoon-worthy appetizers and desserts that will have your guests raving about your culinary skills for years to come. So enjoy these creative puff pastry ideas, and eat a few Nutella filled puffs for me, will ya?

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Homemade Puff Pastry from Baking a Moment.

Honeyed Pears in Puff Pastry via Inspired Dreamer are not only delicious but become the star of the table once baked to a golden brown. While they work perfectly for fall meals, truly this is a show-stopper of a recipe for any elevated occasion. Click here for an updated recipe from Taste of Home.

Raspberry Turnovers from French Press can do double duty as either an amazing breakfast or dessert. Or why not serve them at brunch and it can be both?

Puff Pastry Spinach Cups via Kiss Recipe are one of my favorite appetizers, especially for a party or family gathering. Do yourself a favor and make a double recipe for your guests because these savory, cheesy treats are irresistible! Here’s an alternative recipe link via Well Plated.

3 Ingredient Nutella Croissants from Gimmee Some Oven can be enjoyed as a morning breakfast treat or savored as a dessert. If you find yourself craving a fancy French pastry, then this quick and easy recipe will satisfy your cravings in under 15 minutes. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Easy Puff Pastry Cinnamon Twists via Shop Girl are the perfect bite-sized treat to pair with your morning coffee or tea. Looking for a quick treat to bring to a last-minute family gathering or party? These cinnamon puff pastry bites are easy to make too.

Creamy Mushroom Tart from Mmm is for Mommy is a must-try appetizer made with a few simple ingredients. Whether you’re baking for a crowd or whipping up something for yourself, this tasty dish is super quick and super delicious. Looking for an updated recipe? This mushroom and thyme tart via Eat Live Travel Write looks mouth-watering (and it’s highly rated).

Easy Party Appetizer – Ham & Cheese Puff Pastry Pinwheels via Celebrations at Home is another easy appetizer to make on-the-fly. Another perk is this recipe makes a large portion, plus you can make it ahead of time and freeze it for later. Win-win!

Thanksgiving Appetizer Tarts from Vegan Foody

Puff Pastry Berries & Cream via Let the Baking Begin! makes for a tasty summer treat. Impress your guest with this bakery-style dessert at your next barbecue.

Philly Cheesesteak Puff Pastries from Baltic Maid is a delicious spin on Philly Cheesesteaks. Looking to spice up a weeknight dinner? This updated recipe via Cooking Divine is easy to follow with simple ingredients.

Puff Pastry Cornucopias with Pumpkin-Coconut Mousse via Just a Taste is such a creative pastry idea! Who else will be saving this recipe to your Thanksgiving recipe Pinterest board?

Слоеные “цветочки” с персиками from Larik Malasha is a Russian puff pastry peach flower dessert. These would make a great addition to a dessert table for a bridal shower or baby shower.

Puff Pastry Jalapeno Poppers via Rachel Schultz is an easy jalapeno popper recipe you and your guests will love. With most frozen store-bought snacks you sometimes compromise on convenience over flavor, this popular easy recipe calls for fresh ingredients, is easy to make, and makes a large portion.

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Caramelized Onion, Mushroom & Gruyere Tartlets from Brown Eyed Baker make a great appetizer for a party. Whether you need an appetizer for a special occasion like a baby shower or for something more casual like game day, these tartlets are both full of flavor and delicious.

Salted Caramel Apple Tarts via Table for Two is an easy fall dessert recipe you’ll want to add to your recipe repertoire. This light fall dessert idea is great for a crowd and is ready within minutes!

Super Easy Crab Puffs Recipe from Budget Savvy Diva is a tasty recipe to try this holiday season. This elegant holiday appetizer is light, easy to make, and will impress all your friends and family.

Halloween Appetizer: Goblin Eyes via Thoughtfully Simple is a fun twist on the classic spinach dip recipe. Add this spooky snack to your next Halloween party!

Easy Puff Pastry Ham Cheese and Broccoli Hand Pies from Stone Gable are perfect for busy weeknights or dinner on the go. These tasty hand pies can be made ahead of time and frozen for quick dinners on school nights.

Avocado, Cream Cheese, and Salsa-Stuffed Puff Pastries via Averie Cooks had me at
“warm, cheesy, melted avocado and salsa-filled bites.” Looking for an easy lunch idea or light dinner recipe? These creamy and flaky pastries are easy to make and ready within minutes.

Herbed Chicken Salad in Puff Pastry Cups from Stone Gable is a finger food recipe you’ll want to add to your next party. This crowd pleaser can be made with store-bought or homemade chicken salad, and don’t plan on having any leftovers. For a similar recipe, check out Gift of Hospitality.

Puff Pastry Wrapped Brie via Recipe Roundup is impossible to resist and almost impossible to mess up. This easy recipe has only a few ingredients and a simple few steps, making it a go-to recipe for your next party. For an updated recipe, check out this recipe via Kitchn

Cranberry Brie Bits from Tablespoon don’t get any easier with only three ingredients. Impress your guest with this fancy-looking pastry that is quick and easy to make!

Canadian Bacon and Cheese Savory Tarts via Poet in the Pantry are a great weekday breakfast idea to help make getting out the door a little easier. You can make these ahead and pop them in the toaster oven for a warm breakfast.

Chocolate Chips Puff Pastry Sticks from eatwell 101 are crunchy, gooey, and an easy recipe to make at home. Start your morning with one of these chocolate chip puff pastries with your a glass of milk or a warm cup of coffee.

Was I right or what? Aren’t these seriously the most mouth-watering delights ever, just perfect for your holiday table? Would you please do your duty and eat a bunch for me, the seriously-deprived-of-gluten girl? 😉

25 Delicious Puff Pastry Ideas and Recipes (28)
25 Delicious Puff Pastry Ideas and Recipes (29)
25 Delicious Puff Pastry Ideas and Recipes (30)

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25 Delicious Puff Pastry Ideas and Recipes (2024)


What is the secret to puff pastry? ›

Always preheat your oven for a minimum of 15-20 minutes before baking, because Puff Pastry depends on even heat to rise and puff. Place pastries 1 inch apart. If you want a flaky thin and crispy pastry that's not very puffy, prick the unbaked Puff Pastry all over with a fork, which lets steam escape while baking.

Do you brush puff pastry with egg or butter? ›

You can brush an egg-wash glaze (1 egg plus 1 tsp. water) over the Puff Pastry to create a rich, golden sheen when baked. Use an egg wash to help seal filled pastries and connect Puff Pastry pieces: mix 1 egg plus 1 tsp. water, brush between layers, then pinch or press together.

Should puff pastry be frozen before baking? ›

Frozen puff pastry is a convenient alternative to homemade puff pastry, but it does require a little advance planning since it can't actually be used in its frozen state. It needs to be thawed before it can be baked into something delicious, and doing so overnight in the fridge is the best approach.

What does vinegar do in puff pastry? ›

Adding vinegar tenderizes the pastry. It inhibits gluten from forming there by making the pastry tender and flaky.

What is the best flour for puff pastry? ›

While all-purpose flour is fine and can be used successfully for homemade puff pastry, we recommend using strong bread flour like this for best results. Bread flour has a higher protein content than all-purpose flour, and therefore, contains more gluten.

Do you brush butter on puff pastry? ›

Brush the cooked puffed pastry with melted butter and toss through a bowl of cinnamon sugar. Also known as pâte feuilletée, puff pastry is a flaky light pastry made from a dough that is folded with butter to make it rise and to help boost its flavour.

What happens if you don't egg wash puff pastry? ›

If you don't use an egg wash when baking, the baked goods may not have the same attractive golden brown color. Additionally, an egg wash can also help seal edges and add some moisture to the surface of the baked goods, resulting in a slightly softer texture.

Do I need to put milk on puff pastry? ›

Do you need to use an egg wash on puff pastry? Not necessarily, puff pastry contains enough fat to produce a golden colour without any extra glazing. However, an egg wash (1 egg whisked with 1 tbsp water or milk) will make it extra golden and shiny.

Is Phyllo dough the same as puff pastry? ›

The main differences between puff pastry and phyllo dough are their fat content and preparation. Puff pastry is a laminated dough that gets its signature airy puff from layers of butter, while phyllo dough is comparatively low-fat. Phyllo dough is mostly flour and water and can dry out easily.

Can you use puff pastry straight from the fridge? ›

Separate and place each sheet on a plate, cover with plastic wrap and defrost in the refrigerator for about 4 hours. Once Puff Pastry is thawed, work quickly while it's still cold. You can cut it into desired shapes, then store in the fridge until you're ready for the next step. Puff Pastry works best when cold.

Do you cook puff pastry straight from the fridge? ›

How to work with puff pastry
  1. If the pastry is frozen, leave to defrost in the fridge overnight.
  2. Remove the pastry from the fridge 20 minutes before you need to use it.
  3. Flour the worktop before placing your pastry on top, this will prevent it from sticking.
Oct 29, 2015

Can I use expired puff pastry? ›

No, you shouldn't eat expired puff pastry. Puffs are best known for their flakiness and crispness. Expired puffs don't have both these qualities. Moreover, fillings inside puffs tend to go bad faster which is why you should avoid expired ones.

Do you need to blind bake puff pastry for a pie? ›

Though all pie recipes are different, it would definitely be best to blind bake this dough with pie weights before adding a filling. Choose pie recipes that already call for blind baking and have a thicker filling.

Why does my shop bought puff pastry not rise? ›

Puff Pastry fillings should be at room temperature. If they're hot, they can begin to melt the pastry layers, which will affect the pastry's ability to rise and puff. The kind of pan you use can affect baking times.

Why is my puff pastry not puffing? ›

Temperature is a key factor in baking up puff pasty that actually puffs. Set the oven dial too low, and the pastry is likely to fall flat. Follow this tip: As a rule of thumb, a higher oven temperature (400°F is ideal) results in puff pastry with a higher rise.

Why is my puff pastry not puffed? ›

There's a few things you can try….
  1. poke the pastry lightly with a fork. This will let steam escape while baking. After poking the holes, do your roll up.
  2. Try lowering the temperature of the oven, and baking the puff for a longer time.
  3. Make sure the puff pastry is COLD. Chill in the fridge at every stage.
Aug 4, 2016

What makes puff pastry so flaky? ›

The secret is steam and hundreds of paper-thin layers of dough. Puff pastry starts out as a lean dough of just water and flour. This dough gets rolled, stretched, and folded with a healthy amount of butter again and again until all of those layers are formed.

How do you keep puff pastry from getting soggy on the bottom? ›

One way to prevent soggy bottom pastry is to blind bake the pastry – This means partially or completely bake the pastry before adding the filling. Also, avoid over-filling your pastry.


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