5 essentials to have handy for your road trip - Conversant Traveller (2024)

Between the snacks, sights and great company, road trips can be a lot of fun. Whether you’re travelling solo or with your circle, everything’s easier when you have the right essentials. And while it can be fun to leave some things to chance, being somewhat prepared will mean you can have a more enjoyable, stress-free journey.

From having a backup plan for navigation to battling for the best seat, this handy list will help you know what to pack the next time you hit the road. Here are the essentials you need for an unforgettable trip.

1. Master the Map

Modern technology has made navigating those roads less travelled much easier and less stressful. Most modern cars come equipped with GPS and navigation systems, which makes things a lot smoother when you’re the one driving!

Whether your car has all the bells and whistles or not, it’s always a good idea to have a physical map with you too. Whether you print out a copy of your navigation plan or have a good-old paper map handy, it will be a saving grace should your phone go flat or your GPS goes out of range.

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2. Hydration is Key

Hydration is important for life in general, but it’s vital on road trips. Staying hydrated helps keep your energy levels stable and your mind focused, essential if you’re going to be driving long distances.

If you find you tend to not drink enough water, having a reusable cup or bottle can help motivate you to up your water intake. Refilling your drink bottle at every stop ensures water is always close by when you need it.

3. Fuel for the Journey

We’re talking fuel for you—not the car (although that’s important too)! Snacks are essential for any road trip. Keeping a balance of healthy snacks, like nuts, sandwiches and fruit, are great for keeping alert on your trip (and help you save money by skipping those fast food stopovers). It’s also good to have some fun, easy-to-eat snacks, like popcorn and a cheeky chocolate or two if that’s your preference.

When picking containers for your snacks, think about what packaging will be easiest for the driver to access so they don’t get distracted. Remember, safety first and eyes on the road.

4. Craft Your Soundtrack to the Open Road

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Ever hear a song that transports you back to another time and place? Music is pretty magical like that, so if you’re making the most of your road trip, plan that playlist! When crafting your soundtrack to the open road, start with the classic road trip anthems and those favourites everyone loves. Then, add in some faster beats for when you need a pick-me-up and some more chill, relaxed songs for when you need something a little more mellow.

Can’t find an hour or two for creating your own playlist? Music streaming apps and platforms are a great way to find pre-made soundtracks or new songs to add to your playlist. Try looking for ‘road trip favourites’ or ‘road trip soundtrack’ to see what gems you might find. You may find some old favourites you completely forgot about or some new hits to add to your repeats.

5. Pack a Roadside Kit for the Unexpected

Everyone wants a nice, smooth drive, but sometimes the unexpected can happen. Whether it’s a flat tyre, a flat battery or something else entirely, being prepared can save you time while on the open road. It’s a smart idea to keep a well-thought-out emergency kit in your car at all times – not just for a road trip! This means you always have backup, giving you peace of mind during those more isolated stints.

Things to include in your emergency road trip kit include a:

  • First-aid kit
  • Flashlight,
  • Spare tyre,
  • Jumper cables,
  • List of phone numbers for emergency services and roadside assistance
  • Spare water.

You may want to also think beyond the basics, such as a multi-tool, duct tape and an emergency blanket so you’re really prepared.

Taking a road trip should be a fun and exciting journey, but when the novelty wears off after a while it’s always good to have music, food and water ready to go. When you’re prepared for a road trip, you can focus on having fun and following the road where it takes you. Set the vibes so you and your friends or family will enjoy every moment. Happy driving!

5 essentials to have handy for your road trip - Conversant Traveller (2024)


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