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A. panties CORPUS CHRISTI TIMES, Thursday, June 21, 1951 DEATHS and FUNERALS Charles Atkins and Charles Atkins, 49, a former resident of Corpus Christi and brother of Mrs. S. G. Barclay, 1422 Kennedy, died at 9 a.m.

yesterday in the Veteran's Hospital at Long Beach, Calif. While in Corpus Christi, Atkins was in business with Lester Waters with an au omobile top shop. was in that business until his death. He Atkins, a veteran of World resided here from 1923 to 1939, After the war, he moved to San Bernardino, Calif. Survivors include his wife; one daughter, Mrs.

Charlotte Dee Goodwin of Refugio: three sisters Mrs. Barclay, Mrs. A. A. Whatley of and Mrs.

Edgar Malone of Beeville: two brothers. Jess Atkins of Hous'on and Lonnie At. kins of San Antonio; and one grandson. Funeral services will be held at 3 a.m. tomorrow at the Mark Shaw Funeral Home in San Bernardino.

Burial also will be there. Mrs. Vera Evelyn Ellis Caller- Times News Service services for Mrs. Vera Evelyn Ellis, 46 resident of Kingsville for the past 26 years, were to be held at 5 p.m. today at the First Methodist Church.

Officiating minister co*ck. Sr. Burial was be to be Rev. Rio K. HeaKingsville Cemetery.

Mrs. Ellis died in a local hospital at 11 a.m. yesterday. She is survived by her husband. Gary: her parents.

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd W. Peavey of Cleveland, Texas, and one brother, Floyd, also of Cleveland. Lt.

Harry A. Boenig Caller News Service WOODSBORO Funeral ar rangements for First Lt. Harry A. Boenig, USMCR. who was killed Tuesday in a plane crash near Cherry Point, N.

were still incomplete this morning. Boenig is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Boenig of Woodsboro.

The crash occurred during what was apparently a routine training (light. Boenig was stationed at the Marine Corps Air Station at Cherrv Point. Recalled to duty in the Marine Corps Active, he first He received his al the Naenlisted in the Marines, in 1942. val Air Station in Corpus Christi the day after V-J day. Graduating from Woodsboro High School in 1940, where he lettered in football.

he then entered Southwest Texas State Teachers College. Returning from the service, he again entered college and received a degree in journalism. He was employed by the Housten Post as a reporter and rewrite man for three years prior to returning to the Marines. Survivors include his parents: three sisters, Mrs. Joyce Christensen of Corpus Christi, Shirley and Roberta Boenig, of Woodsboro, and his grandparents, Mr.

and Mrs. H. A. Boenig of Woodsboro. Mrs.

Graciela G. Lopez Funeral services for Mrs. Graciela G. Lopez, 17, of 214 Dwight, will be conducted at 3 p.m. tomorrow at Sacred Heart Church.

Burdal will be in Holy Cross Cemetery. Mrs. Lopez died yesterday afternoon in a local hospital. She is survived husband Stranded Ship Remains in Port The S. S.

Kendall Fish, tentatively scheduled to sail at 11 o'clock this morning, was still in port here at noon awaiting orders. Shippers and sailors, however, were optimistic about getting the loaded freighter out of the port. possibly this afternoon. The Kendall Fish is the only vessel tied up here by the East and Gulf Coast National Maritime Union contract negotitions. It arrived in port last Friday.

Leo J. Kurmadas. local agent, said he was expecting some word from the New York union headquarters He and Lykes Brothers officials hope to get permission to sail the Lykes freighter. Several sailing times were posted yesterday, but orders failed to ar. rive so the ship stayed in port.

Firearms Charge Draws $100 Fine Homer Ramos, 22. of 719 Eleanor. was fined $100 and court costs of $16 this morning by Justice of the Peace B. A. Carter for displaying and discharging firearms the city.

Ramo was arrested last night after one of six shots fired at the entrance to the Acapulco, Night Club, 3005 Rabbit Run Road, hit Gilbert Saenz. 18, 2625 Presa, in the finger. The complaint against Ramos was signed by Roberto C. Lugo. owner of the club.

Lugo also asked that Ramos be placed under a peace bond and Carter set the bond at $1,000. The club owner said Ramos had threatened to kill him. 28 Area Scouts, Leaders at Camp Twenty-eight Gulf Coast Council Boy Scouts and two leaders have arrived at Philmont Scout Ranch. near Cimarron, N. for an Annual summer training program, leaders have notified local representatives.

The "Wagon Train" left here last week and boys will remain at Philmont through July 9. The delegation is slated to return to Corpus Christi July 12. Leaders who accompanied the Scouts on the trip were V. E. Brawner of Corpus Christi and Willie Hoffman, of Woodsboro.

The local delegation has been divided into three units at the national Scout camp, leaders have reported. Property Owner Sues To Set Aside Easem*nt Thomas E. McGee and his wife, Evelyn. this morning, filed suit in 28th District against Morris Liedecker, and his wife, Shir. for $5,000 and setting aside of an easem*nt on property owned by the McGees in Rest Haven addition.

The McGees said the Liedeckers asked for a permanent easem*nt on McGee property for way. that such an agreement is void because the land purchased for a homestead. and that the McGees are unable to sell the property because of the easem*nt. taste WEICH'S you'll love Welch's CONCORD WINE SPECIALLY SMELTERS SWEET HEARTY GRAPE Welch's Wine THE MASTERPIECE OF THE GRAPE MASTER Corpus Christi Wholesale Distributor sweet COASTAL DISTRIBUTORS hearty. produced and bottled by THE WEIGH GRAPE JUICE COMPANY.

at the winery. Brocion, N. Sewage Plant Odor Being Investigated City Manager W. B. Collier today ordered Mayor Leslie advised Wassestigatio, after him of several complaints that a disturbing odor appeared to be emenating from the Oso sewage treatment plant.

Collier dispatched Utilities Supt. John Cunningham to the plant to check into the cause of the complaints. Treatment methods employed by the plant are supposed to mini. mize odors. Collier said he had CO idea what might have caused the situation 8.5 reported by the mayor.

He added, however, that completion this fall of enlargements designed to add three million gallons a dav to the capacity of the plant surely would take care of any overloadno the plant might be suffering now. Meantime, he said, all possible corrective measures would be taken to keep the plant from disturbing the nearby residential areas No Charge Filed After Dope Addict Tricks Hospital No charges had been filed today against a male nurse who tricked A nurse at a local hospital Tuesday night to obtain narcotics for his addiction. Chief of Police Roy Lay said there is little the police can do in such an instance. Lay gave this account of what happened: The man called up A hospital and identified himself as a physician. He said he was sending a patient to the hospital and that the (patient was to be given a specilied amount of narcotics and later A blood transfusion.

The man then inflicted: a slight cut across his abdomen and went to the hospital. The nurse who had taken the call promptly carried out her orders. Lay was called when the ruse was discovered. He said the patient was ousted from the hospital. Katz Firm Files Two Vegetable Damage Suits Two vegetable damage suits were filed in district courts this morning by Abe M.

Katz Co. The firm seeks $793.15 from Guy A. Thompson. as trustee for St. Louis, Brownsville and Mexico Railway and $655.27 from Thompson as trustee for International-Great Northern Railroad Co.

Illness Halts Damage Suit The illness of S. W. Dunnam, president of the American Bottling yesterday halted trial in 28th District Court of a damage suit brought against the company by Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G.

Barclay in behalf of their son. Keats Dunnam, general manager of the bottling company and son of S. W. Dunnam, received a message yesterday that his father was ill in Kerrville and asked that the case be recessed to allow him to go to Kerrville immediately, District Judge Paul A. Martineau recessed the case until 9 a.m.

tomorrow and said that, if necessary, he would postpone hearing until Saturday or Monday." Two Escaped Prisoners Recaptured Two prisoners who escaped from the city stockade Tuesday were back within those confines today. Detective Capt. J. H. Avant, officer in charge of the stockade, said Toliver Brook, 53, 609 Waco, was arrested Wednesday and returned to the stockade to serve out his original $50 fine for drunkenness and vagrancy.

Wesley B. Harper, 45, of Portland, originally in the stockade to work out a $45 fine for drunkenness, was yesterday afternoon in block of Timon arrested, Boulevard. Officers said he was drunk again, resulting in another fine, this one for $100, levied in Corporation The prisoners were outside the fence cleaning up trash when they escaped Tuesday. They were being guarded by Ralph B. Green, recently hired as a guard at the stockade.

Two Bad Check Complaints Filed Two men were named in worthless check complaints filed today in county court at law and a wOman was charged with theft by bailee of $5. Clayton S. Knight, 825 Van Cura, was charged with giving C. F. Nabors a worthless check for $10 and Eugene House was with giving Joe Neel a check.

The woman, Janet Whited. alias Inez Whited. was charged with theft of $5 from Franks Drive In. Rockport officers last might arrested a 17-year-old fisherman suspected of stealing a watch from the City Loan Jewelry 1008 Leopard, yesterday. Company officials said two men came into the store and asked to see a watch in which they were interested.

Grabbing a watch, one of them fled. Police questioned the other man for two hours, then released him. The suspect arrested in Rockport was being held in city jail here today, BBB Members Now Total 107 Rockport Officers Hold Theft Suspect Membership in the Better BusiBureau totals 107 firms whose dues amount to $8.772, Dick Webdell. chairman of membership campaign, announced at noon. Each of the 29 business classifications are now represented on the rolls, he added.

They include large and small firms and a fairly representative cross section of business centers in the city. All solicitors are urged to make a complete report by nocn tomorrow. Webdell. said, 80 that the week's work can be summarized. The campaign for charter members ends on the 29th.

DON LOVES NEW KIX He says this new breakfast cereal is tender from the first. crisp to the last keen corn flavor. 83 energy food. New Kix KIX makes breakfast fun! The FCC ban on new television installations probably will not last long, T. Frank Smith, owner of KRIS, and one of the first in this area to apply for a TV mit, predicted today.

The new delay is necessary to work out allocation troubles, Smith said. It was found that the original system did not allow sufficient channels for each area and a new system had to be devised Corpus Christi, for 111- stance, will be permitted four charmels instead of the original two, when the ban is lifted. Ultimately there will be facili. ties enough for everybody who wants to put in a TV station to do so, Smith added. The controversy over color, he Smith Predicts TV Installation Ban Will Be Brief said, was about 10 years premaure.

It will be that long betore users can expect satisfacresults, but the controtory color held expansion of exist; versy television facilities. "The commission, is moving Smith said, and rapidlY the ahead bottlenecks before long. He addeliminated ed that by fall he expected a rethe permit. KRIS has lease on had its equipment ordered for 18 months, he added. Reynaldo lopez; her parents, Mr.

and Mrs. Guadalupe Garza 01 Nuevo Laredo; two sisters. Mrs. G. Rodriguez ct CorEsperanza, and Miss Virginia Garza of Nuevo Laredo, and a brother, Guadalupe Garza, of Nuevo Laredo.

Juan Gonzalez Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements. Hollon Keith Hunter Funeral services for Hollon Keith Hunter. 14. who died 111 Searcy, Monday, will be held at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning at PeelJackson Funeral Chapel. The Rev.

Andra Walker, pastor of the Prescott Christian Church, will offciate. Burial will be in Rose Hill Cemetery. Survivors include the parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hunter: two brothers, Randle Ray and Terrel Kent Hunter of Searcy; his maternal grandmother.

Mrs. Laura Hollan of Corpus Christi. and his paternal grandfather, E. L. Hunter of Corpus Christi.

Pallbearers will be Levy Martin, Homer Slayton. James Jordan. Homer Moore, Henry Morgan, and Eugene Huskey. Jack S. Shaw Jack S.

Shaw, 58. died at his residence, 414 Cole, about 10 a.m. today. He had been a Corpus Christi resident for the past 15 years. Formerly in the plumbing business, he had more recently been in the real estate business and owned a large dairy in Nueces County.

was a member of the First Ba tist Church. Survivors include his wife. one son, Jack S. Shaw, of Corpus Christi; one daughter, Mrs. Willard Johnson.

Albany, two brothers. Tommy Shaw, 1 Houston, and Dutton Shaw, Tucker, and one sister. Mrs. Ernest Clay, of Blakely, Ga. Funeral arrangements, under the direction of Cage- Funeral Home, were incomplete shortly after noon today.

New Clinic Viewed By 100 Visitors More than 100 visitors the new out -patient clinic at Meminspected orial Hospital in the first hour after it opened this morning. The open house is conducted by the hospital Women's Auxiliary and was to continue this afternoon until 4 o'clock. Patients will be received in the new building tomorrow, George Trader, assistant administrator, said. More than 600 out-patients are treated at Memorial each month. The new building, costing $74,000, was equipped a cost of $16.000 and contains modern and new facilities for treatment and scientifc study.

$814 Judgment Entered Against Insurance Firm Bill Prewett, judge of 117th Dis. trict Court in the absence of Judge Cullen W. Briggs, this morning entered an agreed judgment for $814 of Gumicindo Saenz against National Automobile and Casualty Insurance Co. Saenz sought, damages AS the result of industrial accident. Goodbye Heartbum Hello TUMS! Quick relief for sour stomach, gas, acid indigestion.

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