Feel-good summer bucket list (2024)

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Want to make this summer your best yet? Here are 40 feel-good, free or affordable things to do this summer! (Plus a pretty printable summer bucket list!)

“Boo, summer go away!”, said no-one ever 😀I love summer, andI can’t be 100% sure, but because you’re reading this article I’m guessing that you might be a big fan of summer as well. So I wanted to make you a fun printable and I’ve also listed over 40 feel-good affordable ideas for your summer bucket list.

So if you can’t wait to make this the best summer yet, then here are some ideas you can add to your summer bucket list.

This printable/article is part of the summer series. The other summer printables are:

  • PART 2: Summer plans and goals
  • PART 3: 40 ideas for Summer Bucket List (this article)

I hope you’ll like these ideas and the printables!

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What is a summer bucket list?

A bucket list is a list of things a person wants to achieve or experience before a certain age or in their lifetime.

The summer bucket list is a kind of a light version of that.It’s a list of things you want to experience during this summer.

After you’ve experienced one of the things you can check it off your list.

Note! A bucket list is supposed to be a fun thing to do. So if you feel like you want to take it easy and just relax and enjoy this summer, then don’t try to do everything.

How to make a summer bucket list

Summer bucket list is super easy to make.

  • Take any piece of paper or a page in your notebook or bullet journal and title it: summer bucket list.
  • Or use the printable summer bucket lists I’ve made for you. You can download them at the end of this post.
  • Write down things you want to do this summer.
  • After you’ve experienced one of the things you can check it off your list.

TIP! Place the summer bucket list on the fridge or somewhere else where you can see it.

40+ ideas for your summer bucket list

Here are 40+ feel-good ideas for your summer bucket list:

1. Pamper yourself with a pretty & bright pedicure.Choose a color, you wouldn’t normally choose.

2. Feed ducks.But be sure, that feeding them is allowed. And if it’s not, then just take a moment to look at them swim. It’s so meditative.

3. Try kayaking or paddle boarding.

4. Build a sand castle.And don’t forget the moat. That’s the most important part. How else would you know that it’s a castle and not just a pile of sand?

5. Go to a drive-in theater. Or watch a movie outdoors on a picnic blanket.

6. Swim in the ocean.

7. Try a new food truck you haven’t tried before.

8. Leave your phone at home when you go out for a few hours.

9. Make the perfect summer playlist.

10. Visit your own city/town like a tourist.

11. Squeeze some real lemonade.

12. Choose an ice cream flavor you haven’t tried before.

13.Take a long comfy afternoon nap without feeling bad about it. These things will upgrade your sleep asap.

14. Enjoy a basil, tomato & mozzarella sandwich or salad.

15. Buy yourself something you’ve been wanting for some time, and give it to yourself as a Saturday gift.

If you want to know why I stopped shopping in a traditional way and started me-gifting / buying myself Saturday gifts instead, you might like this article.

16. Create a self-care jar. A self-care jar is a jar that you fill up with notes: things you can do to pamper yourself or inspiring and motivating quotes and affirmations that canlift up your spirit immediately!

17. Watch a movie-thrilogy or binge-watch a netflix show on a rainy day.

18. Try to find the perfect rock and draw a happy face on it with chalk and leave it for someone to find it.

19. Write an inspiring message on the sand. And then leave it there for someone to see it.

20. Enjoy a cold watermelon.

21.Toss a frisbee at the park.

22. Take yourself on a nice date to whatever place you’ve been wanting to go. And take a notebook with you and write some of your thoughts down.

23. Visit the farmers’ market.

24. Mix your own co*cktails (or mocktails).Enjoy from a fancy glass.

25. Meditate outdoors.

Feel-good summer bucket list (2)

26. Make travelinginstantly more enjoyablewith some of these affordable products.

27. Drink freshly squeezed orange juice.

28. Play Skip-Bo outside. And watch out for the wind!

29. Enjoy a pizza outdoors straight from the box.Remember to take a cooler with you and some cold sodas!

30. Go on a day-trip to somewhere newyou normally wouldn’t go.

31. Try to win a prize at the carnival games.

32. Buy a swimming float. And use it. And let your worries just float away….

33. Leave some feel-good notes around the house for others to find them. And if you forget where you put them, then you might surprise yourself also when you find one.

34. Read one of the personal development classics.

35. Eat freshly picked strawberries. Best if you can pick them up yourself.

36.Go minigolfing.

37.Choose a planner you want to use in the fall.

38. Enjoy some champagne on a picnic with friends from a real champagne glass.Tip! I’ve bought a 6-pack of super affordable champagne glasses from IKEA so that I can always drink my sparkling from a real glass when outside.

39. Mix up some unicorn popcorn. They say kids love it, but aren’t we all a bit kids at heart.

40. Enjoy Italian ice or a sorbet. Watch out for the brain freeze!

41.Review your summer and set some goals for the fall.

So these are some ideas you can have on your summer bucket list.

I would love to know what’s going to be on yours?And share in the comments if you have some great feel-good bucket list ideas that are not on this list!

And hey! Remember to download the printable summer bucket list! You can find the instand download links below.

How to use the printable summer bucket list

So there are a few versions to choose from.

  • One beige one that has all the summer bucket list ideas on it
  • Another beige one that you can fill in and use as a planner insert or you can have it on your fridge door.
  • UPDATE: New summer bucket list printables with cute fonts and colors!

The beige bucket lists come in 3 different sizes: US letter, half letter and A4 size paper (or A5).

And the size of the new ones is US letter. (you might be able to resize them, though!).

This is the summer bucket list with all the ideas on it:

Feel-good summer bucket list (3)

And this is the blank summer bucket list:

Feel-good summer bucket list (4)

And this is the new design!

Feel-good summer bucket list (5)

Materials you’ll need for the printable (these are my favorites!)

How to download the printable summer bucket lists:

You can download your favorite summer bucket list printable from the links under the images. No need to sign up!

And the printables (of course) come without the big bow logo 🙂

All designs © SaturdayGift Ltd. For personal use only, not to be copied, distributed, altered or sold.

Feel-good summer bucket list (6)

DOWNLOAD:Printable Summer Bucket List (Pretty Pink)

Feel-good summer bucket list (7)
Feel-good summer bucket list (8)

DOWNLOAD: Summer Bucket List – beige – both prewritten and blank (US letter)

DOWNLOAD:Printable Bucket List – beige – both prewritten and blank (Half Letter)

DOWNLOAD: Printable Bucket List – beige – both prewritten and blank (A4/A5)

© SaturdayGift Ltd. For personal use only, not to be copied, distributed, altered or sold.

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Feel-good summer bucket list (2024)


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